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My First Book Of Numbers (baby Einstein)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
My First Book Of Numbers

Disney Press

ISBN: 1423102010
Author: Julie Aigner-Clark

You'll want to get a copy of My First Book Of Numbers an incredible book. Written by Julie Aigner-Clark and the publisher is Disney Press. This was available on bookshelves on the 1st of August, 2007. The book is 26 pages long. The book dimensions are 9.02"H x 1.02"L x 9.25"W and weighs around 1.5 lbs, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

This oversized board bookis created to introduce youngsters for the planet of numbers and to assist inunderstanding the significance of numbers and counting in their everyday globe. This"humanities for babies"program, based on theaward-winning video series, taps in to the all-natural learning possible of youngchildren-and their parents' aspirations for them. Other licensing relationships in interactive multimediaand television are in the functions. The Baby Einstein Company,founded in 1997 by stay-at-home mom Julie Aigner-Clark, has produced numerousvideos, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, flash cards, and puppets, and has receivedseveral awards and citations for its work. A combination of playful images,beautiful photography, and bold illustrations with multilayered text willcaptivate and stimulate babies and young children. The organization is extending its brandthrough sales in the mass market, in the identical time as through its licensing relationshipwith Hasbro for toys. Baby Einstein Books is an imprint of developmentallyappropriate, interactive books created to introduce children ages 0-3 toclassic poetry, art, and foreign languages inside a fun and accessible way. With beautiful illustrations, captivatingphotographs of familiar objects all in repetitive sequences, youngsters will beginto understand numbers!


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