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Let's Go! (baby Einstein)

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Lets Go baby Einstein

Disney Press

MPN: 9781423116936
ISBN: 1423116933
Author: Susan Ring

Color illustrations and simple text introduce babies to things that go, such as cars, trucks, planes, boats, and trains.
Let's Go! (baby Einstein) is a wonderful baby book. The author is Susan Ring and it was published sometime in 2009 by Disney Press. The board book book is concerning Vehicles and is viewed as fantastic juvenile literature. The book is 24 pages long and it consists of splendidly colored illustrations.

Whoo Whoo! All aboard! It's time to go!   This “ humanities for babies” program, depending on the award-winning video series, taps into the natural finding out potential of young kids — and their parents' aspirations for them. This exhilarating padded board is filled with eye-catching actual life photos and delightful text that you and your child will wish to read again and again.   Kids are fascinated by factors that go — cars, trucks, planes, boats, and trains.   Baby Einstein Books is an imprint of developmentally appropriate, interactive books produced to introduce young children ages 0-3 to classic poetry, art, and foreign languages in a fun and accessible way.   Can you hear the whistle blow?   A combination of playful images, beautiful photography, and bold illustrations with multilayered text will captivate and stimulate babies and young children. In Baby Einstein's"Let's Go", your baby will delight in studying about all the troubles that go.


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